Product Information and Technical Details by our Product Partners: Trane and LG

Learn about the Trane and LG products Zero Square Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd., as Trane’s and LG’s authorized channel partner, offers.  As global leaders in air conditioning and refrigeration, in the following product section tabs, Trane and LG give a brief overview of their technical details.

VRF System

Comfort, convenience and control at your fingertips

We are Trane, global leaders in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Our legacy of trust and innovation is what we bring to Indian homes. We always keep introducing revolutionary and technologically evolved products that promise a new level of comfort, convenience & control at your fingertips. We bring a new generation of Trane TVR™ II DC Inverter System, a modular system embodied with most advanced architectural concepts and leading technology in providing an ideal environment in villas, condominiums and residences.

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With its new generation air conditioners, Trane sets a new standard for sustainability, efficiency and reliability.designed to provide cooling application in residential villas, school, auditorium, retail stores, office buildings, restaurant, lodges, industrial applications.

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Split AC System

You asked if an air conditioning system can be both green and also provide the highest level of comfort and silent operation. We heard you. Now AMS III by Trane; offers the best of both worlds – it is the new green with true energy savings, yet the most energy efficient and quietest air conditioning system

Adopting the latest innovation and cutting-edge technology, AMS III can be installed across a wide spectrum of home-types. From high-end apartments to luxury villas, the elegant and slim AMS III design is the perfect fit anywhere

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Water-cooled Series R Chiller

Chiller Cool System

Reliability is achieved through the use of a direct drive, low-speed, semi-hermetic
compressor with only three moving parts.

The RTHD chiller offers high reliability, improved energy efficiency, low sound levels, improved controls capability, increased application flexibility, and ease of installation. This is all due to its advanced design, low speed–direct drive compressor, and proven
Series R™ chiller performance. .

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LG manufactures a premiere line of energy efficient systems called Multi V™ which use VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) technology. A Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system is a single refrigerant circuit that connects many indoor units to one outdoor unit. VRF is a superior way to heat and cool any space, providing improved humidity control, individual set points per indoor unit, and a very quiet comfort experience. In the heat recovery configuration, VRF also allows for heating and cooling simultaneously in different zones, further enhancing energy savings and increasing occupant comfort. Energy efficient and easy to design, install, and maintain, a VRF system has low life cycle cost compared to other systems on the market today.

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Water Heat & Cool

Hydro Kit

HYDRO KIT + Multi V Heat Recovery System is an excellent choice for energy saving.

HYDRO KIT supplies domestic hot water by using absorbed heat from accommodation and commercial sector.

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Inverter Ducted units

LG Ductable System

LG is proud to introduce India’s most advanced Inverter Ducted units that offer high energy efficiency, high comfort and high reliability.

These units are suitable for varied applications including offices, banks, showrooms, schools/colleges, restaurants, factories, warehouses and banquets/ marriage halls.

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